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Suicide affects us all in different ways

Whether you're feeling depressed, worried about a loved one, or missing someone who meant the world to you, help is just a click away. Please look over the resources below and if you don't find what you seek, please call 1 (800)-273-8255. 

Thoughts of Suicide

If you're having thoughts of suicide and want help now, call 1 (800) 273-8255. Useful information can also be found at and at


Concerned for Another

If you believe that a loved one is at risk of committing suicide, click here for helpful tools.


I've Lost Someone

If someone that you love has taken their own life and you're trying to cope with the pain, click here for support on getting through this difficult time.


I've Made an Attempt

If you've attempted suicide, go no farther, there is hope! Click here to find other ways to combat the pain that you're experiencing.


My Loved One Has Made an Attempt


Every member of our community matters:

LGBTQ+ Resource Library


Colorado Resources

Did you know that Colorado has the 9th highest suicide rate in the country? More state-specific facts below:

State Office of Suicide Prevention

Colorado Suicide Statistics


Reporting on Suicide

Discussing Suicide is difficult, let’s be sure to do it responsibly:


Man Therapy

An incredible resource just for Men:


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